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  • Desalination system designed to efficiently expand water supplies

    A seawater desalination method that requires less energy relative to the more commonly used processes offers an efficient route to counter global water shortages.

  • Solar cells for electric vehicles

    Interconnection and encapsulation strategies were studied to improve vehicle-integrated photovoltaic module reliability against damp heat and mechanical impacts.

  • Computar releases a 20 MP ruggedized lens series

    The ruggedized lenses have been designed to counteract vibrations up to 10 G and shocks up to 15 G.

  • Augmentir announces technology partnership with UKG

    The partnership benefits manufacturing companies that use the UKG Pro Workforce Management suite by providing an artificial intelligence-powered connected worker solution to address skilled labor shortages.

  • Air curtain kills viruses, blocks 99.8% of aerosols

    According to startup Taza Aya, the technology promises to protect workers in industries where respiratory disease transmission is a concern.

  • Harper International receives order for Scientific Line for pitch carbon fiber

    The supplied equipment will accelerate the development of large-scale production pathways for short and continuous carbon fiber from bitumen-derived feedstocks.

  • Innodisk inaugurates Phase II of R&D and production center to expand edge AI solutions capacity

    The company has officially inaugurated Phase II of its R&D and production center in Yilan, Taiwan.

  • New Emerson pneumatic valves provide greater automation flexibility, optimized flow

    The AVENTICS XV valve series features multiple interoperable valve sizes and higher flow rates in a compact design.

  • Electropolishing for EV battery components

    Electropolishing offers EV battery manufacturers a precise, controllable and efficient method to eliminate surface imperfections and enhance the conductivity of aluminum and copper parts.

  • Need heat? Google it

    Heat recovered from a Google data center in Finland will soon supply the local district heating network, completely free of charge.

  • Sheet metal fabrication demystified

    Core and advanced processes in sheet metal fabrication are explained to underscore what makes this a preferred choice for high-quality metal products.

  • EXAIR and BETE announce strategic merger

    The combined market reach and engineering capacity will drive innovation and product value to a worldwide network of users.

  • I can't believe it's not plasma!

    Learn about a solution for making catalyzed thermal Atomic Layer Deposition possible in manufacturing tools.

  • Analyzing your heat transfer fluid

    Follow these guidelines to accurately sample, test and analyze thermal fluids.

  • Optimizing HALT setups: The power of customization

    Consider these key elements to ensure the utmost reliability in highly accelerated life testing (HALT) outcomes.

  • LG Display introduces its tandem OLED for laptops

    Tandem OLED’s advantages are achieved by combining two stacks of red, green and blue (RGB) organic light emitting layers.

  • Sandvik Coromant to demonstrate its machining tech at IMTS

    Sandvik Coromant will be exhibiting at booth #338348 in the south Machine Tool Hall at McCormick Place its array of holistic engineering products and services to help shops with data-driven solutions and machining technology.

  • Vuzix introduces large format waveguide design and manufacturing

    Large format waveguides, which can range in diagonal size from several inches to several feet or more, represent a leap forward in display technology, offering clarity, brightness and immersion.

  • EPA updates its Climate Adaptation Plan

    The 2024-2027 Climate Adaptation Plan outlines agency actions to address the impacts of climate change and help build a more climate-resilient nation.

  • Streamline aircraft design with new NASA software

    The digital tool can link with other codes and programs to expand and customize its capabilities.

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