Environmental, Health and Safety


  • Clean wastewater — without the fuss — with AQUAMAT i.CF

    AQUAMAT i.CF with AQUAMAT CONTROL provides clean and effective condensate separation for flow rates up to 3,300 scfm.

  • Modine gains UL Safety Certification for indoor air quality solutions

    Achieving UL60335 certification positions the technology and indoor air quality solutions provider to help partners comply with new refrigerant safety standard.

  • Algae-based air purifier removes harmful chemicals from the air

    The AIReactor from EcoLogicStudio is a 3 ft tall structure that features a recycled birch plywood frame and a glass photobioreactor at its core that contains green liquid packed with microalgae cultures.

  • Look out below: The US east coast is steadily subsiding

    The rate of subsidence in some areas exceeds that of global sea level rise, approaching 5 mm/year.

  • A new French e-bike doesn't need a battery

    The Pi-Pop is a sustainability-focused e-bike that doesn’t use regular power cells. It uses a “sans” lithium-ion power thanks to an innovative design that substitutes an eco-friendly supercapacitor in place of a battery.

  • Enhance environmental and operational safety with PFAS-free chainflex cables from Igus

    The “PFAS-free” label signifies that chainflex cables are devoid of these hazardous chemicals, safeguarding customer operations without needing product disposal or replacement if bans are implemented.

  • A path to tripling US bioenergy production

    Biomass production can be sustainably tripled to yield an estimated 60 billion gallons of low greenhouse gas liquid fuels.

  • Electrocatalytic extermination of waterborne PFAS

    An electrocatalytic process based on nanocatalysts effectively and economically remediates these "forever chemicals."

  • Brewer Science earns GreenCircle Certification for zero waste to landfill for ninth consecutive year

    This is the first and only company in the semiconductor and microelectronics industry to achieve GreenCircle Certification – Zero Waste to Landfill.

  • Choosing the right pH meter: Key considerations for accurate and reliable measurements

    Consider these factors in selecting the optimal pH meter for a specific application.

  • Researchers in Maine aim to recycle wind turbine blades as 3D printing material

    The project, dubbed “Blades for Large-Format Additive Manufacturing,” proposes taking wind turbine blades destined for the landfill and repurposing them as feedstock materials for 3D printing.

  • Video: Digital twin mirrors Earth’s water cycle

    A deeper understanding of conditions related to floods, droughts and other extreme water-related events can be achieved with new digital twin Earth models of the terrestrial water cycle.

  • Batteries built with biomaterials

    Wood, agricultural wastes and other low-cost carbon sources now serve as composite anode ingredients in a process pioneered by material solutions provider X-BATT.

  • Arxtera launches online shop of biological wastewater treatment products and services

    The new shop makes it easier for the company to bring its bioaugmentation and biostimulant products into the hands of industrial, municipal and residential customers quickly and cost-effectively.

  • Detecting gas compressor fugitive methane leaks for safety and environmental compliance to avoid fines

    This thermal dispersion mass flow meter continuously monitors centrifugal gas compressors for dry seal failures.

  • Team pings pipelines to identify lead water lines

    The team used piezoelectric accelerometer sensors to record stress wave propagation through each pipe as they were struck with a hammer.

  • Sustainable remanufacturing of solar cells

    The strategy goes beyond recycling by significantly reducing a module’s global warming potential.

  • Promoting residential heat pumps for building decarbonization

    Nine states signed a joint agreement to accelerate the transition to pollution-free residential buildings by expanding heat pump sales to meet heating, cooling and water heating demand.

  • Ion chromatography system improves functional adaptability in the lab

    The instrument is easily reconfigurable to streamline operations for users who require the determination of ionic and small polar compounds.

  • A way to get gold from e-waste with whey

    A low-density aerogel derived from whey protein, a byproduct of the cheesemaking industry, has been developed to selectively adsorb gold from the remains of discarded electronics.

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