Environmental, Health and Safety


  • Video: SABIC, Microsoft collaborate to create Microsoft’s first product made with recycled ocean plastic

    The exterior shell of the Microsoft Ocean Plastic Mouse contains 20% recycled ocean plastic.

  • Learn how Qualcomm is using 5G to create a greener economy

    By taking advantage of 5G's wireless technology, companies are able to get creative with how they up their sustainability game.

  • Lee Precision Orifice demonstration | consistent and accurate fluid control

  • Video: Compete in the inaugural AIPH World Green City Awards

    The event seeks to recognize public initiatives relying on a greater use of plants and nature to improve city environments.

  • Video: New Engineering for People Design Challenge

    Students at participating universities will design a solution appropriate to the economic, environmental and social context.

  • Video: The debut of a recyclable offshore wind turbine blade

    Siemens Gamesa has produced its first six fully recyclable offshore wind turbine blades at its factory in Aalborg, Denmark.

  • Video: Water pollutants nabbed by nanojars

    Nano-sized containers effectively extract carbon dioxide and toxic pollutants from water.

  • Food freezing technique promises improved quality, reduced energy use

    New food freezing method promises improved quality, increased safety and to cut energy use.

  • Study: Air quality at work may affect employee cognition, productivity

    Study suggests office air quality may affect employees’ cognition, productivity.

  • The status of US spent nuclear fuel removal infrastructure

    Researchers assessed site and near-site transportation infrastructure for removing spent nuclear from 16 U.S. nuclear power plant sites.

  • Electron beam technology treats medical wastewater in China

    The technology is more effective than conventional treatment methods at removing organic molecules such as viruses and antibiotics.

  • CRISPR tech pinpoints parasites in water

    The method can identify the presence of even a single microorganism within a given sample, which is signaled by a fluorescent glow.

  • Study: Environmental impacts of bottled vs tap water

    Which choice of potable water incurs the greatest health and environmental impacts – bottled water or municipal supply?

  • Video: Plan stormwater infrastructure projects with this CLASIC tool

    The screening tool uses a life cycle cost framework to support feasibility and planning of stormwater infrastructure.

  • Video: Tool assesses economic, environmental risks of hydropower projects

    Riverscope quantifies financial risks and improves energy planning and investment.

  • Recycling batteries from A to Z

    Unfortunately, battery recycling isn’t always straightforward.

  • Video: Recycling process targets EV motors

    The process efficiently recovers high-purity rare-earth compounds from EV motor magnets.

  • Carbon storage - lending the forests a hand

    Carbon capture is potentially a world-saving technology - but what happens to all that captured carbon?

  • USP 645 video: 3 steps to conductivity compliance

    Check out this step-by-step USP 645 video and learn how to streamline your conductivity readings.

  • Final brakes put on leaded gasoline sales worldwide

    Algeria has stopped selling leaded gasoline, making it the last country to stop marketing it and marking the end of its use as an automotive fuel.

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