Environmental, Health and Safety


  • This robot dog offers safe and reliable site management

    The challenging terrain did not slow the robot, which surveilled and accurately mapped a comprehensive view of the site's construction progress and maintenance operations.

  • Video: Plants to be outfitted with wearables

    Composed of a nickel-based electrode deposited in a squiggly pattern, the sensor was attached to the surface of soybean leaves in the lab where it wirelessly transmitted data to an app.

  • Video: Bringing junior wastewater engineers up to speed

    An online software design tool can acquaint junior engineers with the design and operational requirements of their organizations.

  • Sourcing critical materials from marine crusts

    Growing demand for new sources of germanium and gallium spurred researchers in Germany to explore deep sea mining as a supply solution.

  • Video: Autonomous boat collects harbor trash

    Open Ocean Engineering’s Clearbot Neo autonomously navigates harbors, canals and rivers, collecting garbage.

  • Watt's up? Engineers celebrate National Pun Day

    Most engineers are in possession of a sense of humor and are eager to celebrate National Pun Day, May 15, as, well, only engineers can.

  • Machine learning targets toxins in oil sands tailings

    The method could provide rapid assessment of oil sands impacts on natural waters.

  • Solar-powered filter purifies water

    The filter houses a nanocomposite material consisting of titanium dioxide nanowires and carbon nanotubes to photocatalytically deactivate waterborne pathogens.

  • Digital platform designed for smarter wastewater treatment

    An off-the-shelf suite of digital solutions from Xylem is designed to advance water utility digitization at conventional activated sludge plants.

  • The economic and energy loss embodied by landfilled plastic

    The market value of landfilled plastic in the U.S. ranges from $4.5 billion to $9.9 billion, or $7.2 billion on average.

  • Watch how offshore wind farms can shelter coral reefs

    Surplus indigenous coral spawn, collected as it washes ashore, will be used to colonize offshore wind turbines structures.

  • Small, powerful, lab-sized HALT without using liquid nitrogen

    ESPEC's new EQZ4 fuses mechanical refrigeration with Qualmark reliability test technology for ultimate combined environment testing.

  • AWWA kicks off Drinking Water Week by celebrating tap water being “There When You Need It”

    Learn more about the importance of water services and water infrastructure, especially in times of crisis.

  • Polymer membrane efficiently counters carbon dioxide emissions

    The selectively permeable membrane filters carbon dioxide faster than other mixed gases.

  • Video: New life for cracked auto glass

    A multi-stage process for recycling cracked automobile glass is the focus of a pilot project.

  • Achieving sustainability through protective packaging

    This solution protects sensitive products from moisture and oxygen damage that can occur during shipping and long-term storage.

  • What is renewable natural gas?

    Will renewable natural gas be a viable energy source in the future?

  • Video: Aquatic drone measures water quality in streams, rivers

    Dubbed AquaBOT, the aquatic drone searches for water quality indicators such as nitrate, temperature and dissolved oxygen along the entire length of mid-sized streams.

  • Video: Play this game to test your sustainability smarts

    Assume the role of mayor, make policy decisions and examine their impacts on the urban environment and population in a game designed to spark conversations about sustainability.

  • Boyd enables the next generation of wearable medical patches

    Smart medical patches can improve patient care and recovery by increasing real-time continuous monitoring.

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