Cadmium-free quantum dot manufacturer Quantum Materials Corp. has developed a continuous flow manufacturing process to produce stable, low-cost, high-purity perovskite quantum dots (PQDs).

Perovskite quantum dots are leading a breakthrough in materials technology, but the commercialization of these materials has been hampered due to inabilities to produce large volumes at low cost points while still achieving long-term reliability. Quantum Materials Corp. has developed a high volume production process that produces extremely high purity PQDs with significantly improved stability.

PQDs have many unique properties that make them an ideal material for applications such as next-generation solar cells and displays. Perovskites have demonstrated conversion efficiencies of 22.7%, which is higher than today’s best dye-sensitized or thin-film technologies (CiGS, CdTe) and can also extend efficiency (up to 1.3 times) of silicon PVs when coated as an absorption enhancement layer. High purity PQDs hold the promise to achieve high conversion efficiencies while also solving many of the reliability and stability challenges.

As a phosphor replacement in flat panel displays, PQDs have the potential to provide industry best color gamut picture qualities due to their extremely narrow emission wavelength profile. For comparison, industry-leading low-cadmium or cadmium-free QLED displays can only deliver roughly an 80% Rec. 2020 coverage, while PQDs have the ability to deliver roughly a 98% Rec. 2020 coverage (with properties that include: PLQY greater than 95%, FWHM less than 25 nm and adjustable peak position).

QMC is the first to adapt a mature mass-production technology to perovskite quantum dot production. With nearly a decade of continuous flow quantum dot development experience, QMC is uniquely positioned to respond to the emerging market for high-purity uniform quantum dots and nanoparticles.

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