Tech giant Google will reportedly let a contract with the United States Pentagon’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) Project expire after thousands of Google employees signed a petition to protest the company’s involvement.

The Pentagon project, called Project Maven, faced such scrutiny from employees at Google that many of them resigned from the company in protest over the collaboration, stemming from concerns that Project Maven would eventually be used to perform lethal functions.

Describing the plan in a statement back in 2017, Scott Frohman, a defense and intelligence sales lead at Google, explained, “Maven is a large government program that will result in improved safety for citizens and nations through faster identification of evils such as violent extremist activities and human right abuses. The scale and magic of GCP [Google Cloud Platform], the power of Google ML [machine learning], and the wisdom and strength of our people will bring about multi-order-of-magnitude improvements in safety and security for the world.”

Set to expire in March 2019, Google has yet to make an official announcement about their future involvement with Project Maven, while other media outlets have hinted in contrasting reports that Google will continue to work on Project Maven and suggests that the tech company is also willing to work with the Pentagon on future projects.

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