New York's governor announced a seven-year, $250 million electric vehicle expansion initiative, EVolve NY, to be developed with the New York Power Authority (NYPA). In addition to state funding, the program will also seek to create private sector partnerships through 2025 to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles across the state.

As part of the program, NYPA will launch several initiatives to co-invest with private-sector partners, identify new business and ownership models, and increase customer awareness about electric vehicles and charging.

EVolve NY is part of Governor Andrew Cuomo's Charge NY 2.0 initiative, which aims to encourage and support electric car adoption by increasing the number of charging stations statewide. It has a goal of installing at least 10,000 Vcharging stations by the end of 2021.

The initial phase of funding, approved on May 22 by NYPA trustees, directs $40 million to be allocated to three programs through the end of 2019, including:

Interstate Fast Chargers - Collaborate partners to identify and install up to 200 direct current (DC) fast chargers along key interstate corridors - with a target interval of every 30 miles - and in select urban areas. NYPA says the DC fast chargers have the potential to charge late-model EVs in as little as 10 minutes for 200 miles of range.

Airport Fast Chargers - Leverage public and private partnerships to install DC fast chargers at or near John F. Kennedy and LaGuardia airports. Program features may include promoting charger use by multiple users including rideshare companies, public vehicles, rental agencies, airport/commercial fleets, and, potentially, buses. This initiative will add to the medium-speed (Level 2) chargers that are already at the airports in indoor parking garages.

EV Model Communities - Partner with an NYPA municipal or co-operative distribution utility to support an EV friendly model community that includes a utility-managed charging platform to ensure affordability, reliability, and grid efficiency. NYPA says the community would test and scale new EV infrastructure and service business models that will encourage more residents to transition to driving EVs. Features may include developing home and public charging "subscriptions," an online customer portal and EV education events.

NYPA says it is currently installing 400 public chargers at airports, train stations and municipal parking lots. High-speed chargers have been installed on the New York State Thruway, with more planned for the 23 service areas between New York City and Buffalo.

NYPA has also partnered with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority and utility ConEd to introduce electric buses to New York City. As part of the EVolve initiative's second phase, NYPA will work with partners to further accelerate public transportation fleet electrification efforts, including working with the MTA to move its entire bus system to a zero-emissions fleet.