At Zatkoff Seals & Packings, we know that a difficult parts need can set you back quickly. That is why we stay abreast of the newest and most efficient manufacturing equipment and technology. We aim to keep your business running smoothly with innovative custom solutions.

Flexibility and Speed Provide Cost Savings

In service of these custom solutions, we employ the use of the Rotary Press. This press performs multiple, separate functions to create custom parts in one run. It’s fast, versatile, and with individual controls at each die station, it offers the kind of precision that allows us a world of customized solutions.

The Rotary Press can perform multi-layer lamination, apply peel away liners, marry materials, and add adhesive quickly and easily in one run. This single run process means that the energy, time, and manpower it takes to produce your parts is greatly reduced, resulting in significant cost savings for your business.

Additionally, we now have the capability to use previously unavailable materials, and the ability to cut smaller pieces than ever before, granting us even more flexibility in creating custom solutions.

Adhesives, plastics and other materials can be zoned with precision without requiring multiple processes to complete. The result is readily available, beautifully zoned parts.

With the advanced capabilities of the Rotary Press, we are able to respond to the urgent needs of our customers by producing parts quickly and with greater precision.

Our team of innovative experts specializes in solving challenging parts needs with the use of our Rotary Press. We work together with our customers to create innovative solutions that deliver excellent results.

A Challenge Accepted

Recently, one of our clients needed a gasket that had to meet specific temperature and fluid requirements. Meeting those requirements meant that many materials could not be used and that the chosen material had to be corrosion resistant, while still providing the proper sealing requirements.

The Zatkoff Gasket Division consulted with our client and designed a gasket that provided the perfect sealing solution.

The manufacturing process took several steps and employed the use of the Rotary Press:

  • A laminate adhesive is cut and applied to the gasket material. This process also had to be modified to limit fluid attack.
  • Stainless steel filters are cut and attached to the back of the gasket, which satisfied filtration requirements.
  • The gasket is provided on a white liner for easy attachment on the assembly line.

This custom solution offered the client a ready-to-use, one-piece assembly that not only met stringent technical requirements, but also saved time and money.

Solutions for Your Business

At Zatkoff, we are proud to offer consultation, design and production under one roof to provide expert manufacturing solutions. We are continually working to offer cutting edge, efficient and specialized solutions to make our customers more profitable.

Do you have a challenging parts need that requires a custom solution? Are you using a product that slows down production time or eats your profits? Contact our experts today, and let us help you find an efficient custom solution.