Source: Convergence Instruments Source: Convergence Instruments A wireless vibration data logger that can record accelerations, vibrations, velocities and inclinations and includes a three-axis MEMS accelerometer, an accurate clock and 128 Mb of non-volatile memory. The new model features an improved anti-aliasing filter, sampling rates up to 4 kHz and an accelerometer with an exceptional noise floor.

The VSEW mk2-8g from Convergence Instruments is a new model of their VSE series smart vibration data loggers and the evolution of their Vibration Sentry E model. It can record months of acceleration or velocity signals and RMS levels. The compact instrument can also be attached to or embedded within the monitored equipment.

It is ideal for monitoring low vibration levels, such as ground tremors and floor vibrations. Common applications include building health monitoring, long-term seismic monitoring, long-term inclination monitoring and continuous monitoring of machinery wear.