Neonode's zForce® DRIVE™ Steering Wheel Sensor introduces new technology to combat driver distraction.While more and more vehicles are incorporating touchscreens to replace electromechanical controls (see: What's Driving the Increase in Automotive Touchscreen Displays?), Neonode has developed an entirely new concept by incorporating sensors into the steering wheel, which can be coupled with a center stack or head-up display (HUD). The zForce DRIVE steering wheel sensor allows the driver to keep both hands on the steering wheel and their eyes on the road.

Feedback from the sensors built into the steering wheel allows the vehicle to know exactly where the driver's hands are at all times. According to Neonode, this yields a safer, more intuitive experience, yielding the following benefits:

  • Keeps hands on the wheel, eyes on the road
  • HUD- and new-design-compatible
  • Cost savings
  • Helps minimize driver distraction

For additional information, visit the Neonode website.