Altair HyperWorks simulation users can now analyze frequency-based fatigue and do random response post-processing with a new download, CAEfatigue Vibrations, as reported at

The CAEfatigue Vibration gives simulation analysts, particularly in the automotive and aerospace industries, the ability to calculate response statistics like strain peaks, stress peaks and root mean squares of stress and strain. These calculations also include plastic and elastic components, which will use material properties to assist in the estimation.

The tool can also estimate the damage and life of components based on random vibrational loads. The vibrational load can also be customized to include determined loads mixed with random variations and static offsets.

HyperWorks users will have access to CAEfatigue using the unit-based licensing system. This system allows users to customize their access to HyperWorks and APA applications on the fly – optimizing users’ investments in simulation software.

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