The MAX Hi-Flow tank pump introduced by Aspen Pumps (East Sussex, UK) is touted for its quiet and safe operation. It replaces all Aspen Pumps’ existing tank pumps, allowing AC contractors to stock fewer pumps in their vans.

The product has a low profile – 134 mm high, 144 mm wide, 285 mm long – so is suitable for use in cassette air conditioning applications. The pump is also a good fit for buildings where noise is an issue: the motor and impeller system have been configured to achieve a low operating noise level of 44d(A). (Source: Aspen Pumps)(Source: Aspen Pumps)

The pump has multiple mounting clips, as well as a built-in spirit level, and plug & play connection. It has a quick release reservoir which allows the unit to be serviced while still attached to either the wall or rod mounts. This feature makes servicing far easier and safer for AC contractors in helping to avoid reservoir water spills.