The new CSH series is based on the proven design elements of the innovative BITZER compact screw, is certified to use some of the most up-to-date and environmentally friendly refrigerants, and is recognized as a benchmark around the world of compressor technology.

Some key attributes of the CSH screw compressor are:

  • Approved to use R1234 refrigerants that have low greenhouse warming potential.
  • Highly efficient in full and partial load conditions.
  • Incorporates advanced electronic modules for ease of use and servicing.
  • Reduced internal flow losses.
  • Optimized oil management systems.

Key specifications for the CSH screw compressors include:

  • Cooling capacities from 61610 to 485800 watts.
  • Operating currents from 86 to 566 amps at 400/460 Volts 3 phase AC.