Fanuc UK, a robotics company, is working with automation specialists Festo and Pacepacker to develop systems to handle bags, boxes, crates, trays and slip sheets by means of a single robot arm, reports Logistics Handling online news.

Pacepacker, Fanuc's system integrator, is using Festo’s robot hand technology, with gripper fingers and different sets of vacuum suction cups to enable a single robot arm to handle different kinds of tasks.

Customers and integrators are able to visualize and pre-program a robotic installation in a virtual 3D world before putting those plans into effect by using Fanuc's Roboguide.

For facilities with space constraints, Fanuc's DCS (dual check safety) software helps the robot to navigate obstructions in a factory.

Fanuc's PMC (programmable machine controller) enables control of the complete cell. Using the PMC, the in-feed and pallet conveyors, for example, may be controlled by the robot without the need for an additional programmable logic controller and reportedly with no impact on motion performance.

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