Single stage helical geared motor.Single stage helical geared motor.

The design and manufacture of drives for almost every application is facilitated by ABM Drives’ comprehensive standard continuous-duty motors and drive product platform and flexible modular systems. A modular design process allows for cost-effective, low-volume production runs.

Helical gearboxes, the most commonly used continuous industrial gearboxes, increase motor output torque and reduce output speed. High-grade helical gearing with ground-tooth flanks guarantees quiet operation and precise power transfer. Advantages of helical gearboxes include high efficiency and efficient gear reduction. Shaft mounted gearboxes for continuous use are a special design version of helical gearboxes. Output axis is positioned parallel but offset to the motor axis, which allows space saving installation with hollow or stub shaft.

Motors and drives in continuous use require high precision, output stability and reliability. This high-performance interaction of electrical motor, gearbox and controller demands the highest accuracy. As a manufacturer of all major components, ABM Drives optimally tunes all components into compact drive systems. Vertical integration of manufacturing, including aluminum die-casting with tool-and-die shop guarantees efficient production.

Technical data:

  • Two or three-stage gearboxes; output torques from 30 to approximately 2,060 Nm
  • Reduction ratios from i = 2.55 up to approximately 510.07
  • Motor outputs up to 11.0 kW; design per bearing life expectancy (typical value) 40,000 operating hours
  • Hollow or stub output shaft, Torque arm, Flange for U- or in-line design