Low-noise planetary gearboxes are now available from Nanotec for brushless DC motors and stepper motors with flange size 56 mm and 60 mm.

The helical toothing of the GP56-N series allows the teeth to mesh gradually, which results in a smoother transmission of forces so that vibrations and noise are reduced. Because the planetary gears and the ring gear consist of a high-quality, low-wear plastic, the new gearboxes are up to 10 dB quieter than conventional, Source: NanotecSource: Nanotecstraight-geared metal gearboxes.

The gearboxes are available in one- and two-stage versions in nine different reductions between 3:1 and 35:1 and offer an output torque from 1.5 Nm to 11.8 Nm. For use in harsh environments, the gearboxes are protected against penetration by dust and liquids according to IP54.

Thanks to their compact design and high efficiency, the low-noise gearboxes from Nanotec are ideally suited for applications in medical devices and building automation.

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