Electrified mobility companies looking to integrate high-powered inductive charging into their products can now purchase demonstration wireless electric vehicle (EV) chargers from Evantran.

Charging begins automatically when a car is parked over the system.Charging begins automatically when a car is parked over the system.The Richmond, VA-based developer is offering both 3.6 kW ($5,999) and 7.2 kW ($12,999) Plugless demonstration systems to qualified companies and research institutions. Each includes a complete, functioning benchtop wireless charging system for research including a vehicle simulator.

The company says that its Plugless EV Charging System charges EVs using inductive power transfer technology. The system includes a vehicle adapter, a parking pad, and a control panel. Charging begins automatically every time a car is parked over the system.

Plugless has been integrated and deployed on Chevy Volt, Nissan LEAF, Cadillac ELR and Tesla Model S EVs.

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