Camozzi Automation contributes to the collaborative robotics revolution with the launch of a new pneumatic collaborative parallel gripper, Series CSSP.

This innovative plug-and-play gripper is perfectly compatible with leading cobot brands, making it easier than ever to automate operations. It represents Camozzi Automation commitment to Industry 5.0Source: Camozzi AutomationSource: Camozzi Automation technologies.

The new gripper paves the way for smarter, more efficient handling solutions that will transform production lines by offering these benefits:

  • Safety: Compliant with ISO TS 15066/Maintains the workpiece in closing or opening position even in the event of pressure failure.
  • Plug and play: Integrated control valves/Simple connection with a single pneumatic input and a single electrical power supply/Intuitive user interface easily integrates with the cobot control system.
  • Flexibility: Standard or customized gripper fingers/The gripper can be powered and controlled directly from the interface on the cobot wrist or through external devices such as the cobot controller, HMI or PLC.
  • Uncompromising performance: Robust, compact and lightweight design/Reliability in any application/Repeatability of less than 0.02 mm.

Applications for the new gripper include machine tool tending, end-of-line packaging and assembly.

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