Chinese robotics firm Unitree has launched its new all-rounder general-purpose humanoid robot dubbed G1 Humanoid Agent.

The G1 Humanoid Agent is reportedly flexible and features force-controlled dexterous hands. Powered by an imitation and reinforcement learning-driven model, the G1 resembles a more compact version of its predecessor, the H1, which is Unitree’s humanoid robot capable of executing backflips, kicking and sprinting as well as lifting heavy items.

Source: UnitreeSource: Unitree

Capable of being folded so that users can easily lift and carry it, the G1 Humanoid Agents measures 1270 mm x 450 mm x 200 mm when on its base and 690 mm x 450 mm x 300 mm when folded, and it weighs around 77 lb.

Further, the G1 has a reported 23 to 43 degrees of freedom, 6 degrees for each leg and 1 degree for the waist. The arms have 5 degrees of freedom, the knee joint features a torque of 90 Nm and the maximum arm loads are roughly 2 kg.

Unitree has also created a more advanced version of the G1, dubbed the G1 EDU, which is intended for research or commercial purposes and features a knee joint torque up to 120 Nm.

Additionally, the G1 EDU can include an optional three-fingered dexterous hand (Dex3-1) that offers 7 degrees of freedom plus an additional 2 degrees of freedom for the wrist, and it can be outfitted with tactile sensor arrays.

Both iterations of the robot also include full-joint hollow electrical routing, dual encoders, local air cooling, CPUs, depth cameras, 3D lidar sensors, Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.2.

As depicted in the accompanying video, which appears courtesy of Unitree, the G1 can swirl around and gain speeds of up to 4.5 mph, can withstand punches to the chest and kicks from behind, can crack walnuts, open a Coke bottle, toss items in a pan and solder a wire.

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