Israel-based international military technology company and defense contractor Elbit Systems has launched a new air defense system capable of clearing the skies by up to 4.35 miles and 15,000 feet.

The new air defense system, dubbed, Red Sky, is described by the company as a tactical very short-range air defense (VSHORAD) system designed to protect against low-altitude aerial threats.

Source: Elbit SystemsSource: Elbit Systems

According to the company, the Red Sky VSHORAD features the Redrone, which is an electronic warfare (EW) solution intended for detecting, identifying, locating and neutralizing unmanned aerial systems.

Further, Elbit’s Redrone also features DAiR Radar, signal intelligence (SIGINT) sensors, RF jammer, anti-aircraft missile launchers and COAPS-L electro-optical (EO) payload.

The new system can reportedly detect, disrupt and neutralize unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), can offer a real-time aerial situation picture and can prevent drones from infiltrating sensitive locations.

Additionally, the radar system can detect multiple targets at once, keeping track of different objects while simultaneously scanning for more airborne UAVs. Meanwhile, the system also features a jammer capable of disabling UAVs in its range.

For more on the Red Sky system, visit the Elbit Systems’ website.

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