Source: OrganomationSource: OrganomationOrganomation has redesigned its MICROVAP evaporator product line, enabling users to dry down small volume samples in either vials or microplates. Now accessible for a larger range of applications, the re-engineered sample heat block reaches the desired temperature up to 75% faster at lower set point ranges, and up to 15% faster for higher set point ranges. Faster heat up times lead to an increase in productivity and an overall smoother workflow.

A new temperature controller allows for operation at and slightly above room temperature for use with samples that have strict thermal requirements. The very low heat settings allow samples to be kept at room temperature, combatting the cooling effect that nitrogen blowdown can have on samples.

The revised bath pan design improves energy to the sample block by 27.5% on average. Energy will stay confined to the heat block and samples, leaving the rest of the instrument cool to the touch.

The MICROVAP can accurately maintain temperatures from room temperature up to 130° C. This proves helpful for those who will be using low heat, as samples can be inserted into the unit as it is turning on and there's no risk of the evaporator overshooting past the set temperature. Rather than waiting for the unit's temperature to settle, users can start evaporation at room temperature and have samples heat up while sitting under the nitrogen stream to save time.

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