A new internet of things (IoT) platform from Mitsubishi Electric can remotely manage, monitor and control HVAC systems in multiple buildings from one central location. MELCloud Commercial collects data and sends signals to HVAC equipment, enabling these systems to be operated and monitored remotely from mobile devices, anywhere in the world.

Users can adjust temperature settings, schedule operations and troubleshoot issues without needing to be physically present on-site. Facility managers can track energy consumption trends, identify inefficiencies and receive alerts for any faults or anomalies. By monitoring performance metrics over time, the system can predict when maintenance is required, reducing downtime and optimizing system efficiency.

An advanced energy dashboard provides insights into energy consumption across multiple buildings. This allows for comparisons between buildings, identification of energy-saving opportunities, and optimization of energy usage to reduce costs and carbon emissions. For service and maintenance professionals, the platform can deliver refrigerant flow diagrams and graphical representations of equipment performance and system operational data.

MELCloud Commercial can also monitor and control other equipment such as office lighting, boilers and refrigerators, allowing for comprehensive facility management and energy optimization.

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