A team of researchers from Tokyo City University has developed an artificial intelligence (AI) tool to make predictions about how long a new hire at a company might stick around.

According to its developers, the AI tool is designed to offer managers an approach for identifying those new hires preparing to leave a company and an avenue to potentially prevent them from quitting.

The AI tool reportedly examines data — including attendance records, age, gender and more — on employees at a company to make such determinations. Additionally, the tool also examines data on employees who either left the company or took a leave of absence to develop turnover models for individual firms.

The team reports that as data about new recruits is fed into the tool, predictions about who is at risk of quitting are made in terms of percentage points.

Once a high-risk employee is identified by the AI tool, managers could potentially offer that employee support to prevent him or her from leaving the company, the researchers explained.

In the future, the researchers will work to upgrade the tool so that it might suggest more appropriate assignments for new hires by analyzing information culled from job interviews, in addition to their characteristics and personal histories.

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