Piaggio Fast Forward (PFF), a manufacturer of robotics and mobility solutions, has announced the launch of its smart following robot.

The robot, dubbed PFF kilo, is a four-wheeled robot that is built on the company’s Travel on Known Paths autonomous behavior software.

Source Piaggio Fast ForwardSource Piaggio Fast Forward

PFF kilo features a hands-free robotic flatbed and demonstrates hands-free human following capabilities for assorted applications such as hospitality, manufacturing, retail, travel, indoor agriculture and construction for instance. Further, the human following robot has a payload of up to 300 lbs and a maximum speed of three miles per hour.

PFF has equipped kilo with sensors and 4D radar imaging to enable the robot to autonomously follow the operator, moving along over 100 paths stored in memory. Further, the company noted that any operator can work with kilo because it can be optionally outfitted with industry or facility-specific carts. Likewise, kilo can operate without the need for the prior training of operators.

The company suggests that kilo can also independently navigate pavement and pedestrian areas and also predict human behaviors when moving at pedestrian speed.

For more on the PFF kilo, visit the PFF website.

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