The incidence of thermal runaway, which has emerged as a major cause of electric vehicle (EV) battery fires, may be diminished with a new material formulated by LG Chem and LX Hausys. The heat and pressure leading to this flammable phenomenon are contained with a flame-retardant continuous fiber thermoplastic (CFT), which can withstand a flame at 1,500° C for over 20 minutes.

The material can withstand strong flames and high pressure for more than 14 times longer than existingSource: LG ChemSource: LG Chem thermoplastics. During torch tests in which the 1.6 mm thin CFT was exposed to elevated pressure and temperatures in excess of 1,500° C, the material did not degrade or form holes even after 20 minutes.

The CFT incorporates super flame barrier material recently developed by LG Chem and augmented by LX Hausys manufacturing technology that layers in the form of tape. The resulting solid material has low deformation under force and is well suited for use in the top and bottom covers of large battery packs among EV battery components. It is expected that it will effectively delay the spread of flames in the event of an EV fire, helping to secure the time required for driver evacuation and fire suppression.

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