Tailored for the telecommunications industry, a methanol fuel cell-based power generator engineered by Blue World Technologies can also be adapted to other applications including electric vehicle (EV) charging or power supply for low-quality or off-grid installations.

The CellPack Stationary system incorporates high-temperature proton exchange membrane technology to Source: Blue World TechnologiesSource: Blue World Technologiesdeliver continuous power output of 5 kW, 10 kW or 15 kW with a system efficiency of 38% to 40% and zero emissions. The system can be installed as a hybrid solution combined with renewable energy sources such as solar cells or wind turbines. As the fuel cell system only has a few moving parts the noise and vibration levels are very low making it ideal for installation in densely populated areas.

The Danish fuel cell manufacturer expects the modular units to quickly displace conventional fossil fuel-powered generators. The methanol fuel cell system features internet of things-based remote monitoring and is assembled in a hybrid configuration with a smaller battery pack and can work both with and without grid connection.

The company’s current fuel cell production capacity of 15 MW is expected to more than triple in the near term to meet the growing demand for diesel genset replacements.

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