HVAC and industrial heating systems can be engineered to ride out hurricane-force winds, earthquakes and weather-related stresses with minimal to no damage by the installation of StormStrong cooling towers from Tower Tech. Featuring fiber reinforced polymer corrosion-resistant technology, these units are designed with a 200-mph wind load capacity and a hurricane missile impact level-D rating.

The modular TTXL series forced-draft, counter-flow cooling tower delivers reliable thermal performance in both constant and variable heat load applications. The unit uses a four-inch rotary spray nozzle to provideSource: Tower TechSource: Tower Tech uniform water loading at varying water flows achieved by a square distribution pattern. The TTXL was specifically designed for projects that need to achieve maximum efficiency with limited load variables.

The TTXR model is technically identical to the TTXL Series with the same installation and operational benefits but offers a smaller footprint with reduced fan horsepower. Performance of the water distribution system is optimized by dispersing smaller water droplets for an increased surface area. Its 2 inch nozzle is ideal for low flow winter operations especially for water side economizers.

The StormStrong cooling towers also consume up to 40% less energy and present up to 10% water savings relative to conventionally designed units for additional cost efficiencies.

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