A 120 kW hydrogen fuel cell system unveiled by Loop Energy at IAA Transportation 2022 in Hannover, Germany, is predicted to achieve fuel cost parity with diesel by up to eight years earlier than previously possible.

The S1200, builds on the developer’s patented eFlow fuel cell architecture, which uses a signature trapezoidSource: Loop EnergySource: Loop Energy plate with narrowing channels for its bipolar plates. The technology provides a cross-sectional area that converges down the length of the channel in a proportionate fashion to compensate for the reduction in mass flow rate due to reactant consumption. This levelizes reactant availability throughout the entire flow channel, increasing gas velocity down the plate and enabling an electric vehicle to achieve up to 54% fuel-to-wheel efficiency compared to the typical fuel-to-wheel efficiency delivered by a diesel-engine-powered vehicle of 20% to 25%.

This hydrogen fuel cell is engineered for medium- to heavy-duty commercial vehicles and is projected to lower the total cost of vehicle ownership by reducing hydrogen fuel used per kilometer.

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