A hydrogen fuel cell-powered transporter in the 3.5 ton to 4.2 ton range is now available from mobility solutions provider Quantron AG of Germany and fuel cell developer AE Driven Solutions. The Q-Light fuel cell electric van (FCEV) is based on proven powertrain technology that is already in use in over 400 vehicles plying the roads throughout Europe.

The payload and refueling time of the Q-Light FCEV, which can be operated flexibly in electric or fuel cell Source: Quantron AGSource: Quantron AGmode, is analogous to that of a comparable diesel vehicle. The battery capacity is 37 kWh and, like the 15 kW fuel cell installed, has a long service life. Waste heat from the fuel cell can be harnessed to heat the interior to magnify electricity savings.

Depending on requirements, the vehicle can be equipped with up to four hydrogen tanks and achieve a range of up to 500 km. In the future, the power of the fuel cell will also be scalable, so that the vehicle can be offered in different versions, such as a 7.2 ton variant.

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