Specialty minerals company ICL has launched its biodegradable release technology intended for the open field agriculture sector.

ICL’s eqo.x features a coating that reportedly reduces nutrient loss while simultaneously increasing nutrient use efficiency (NUE) up to 80%. According to its developers, use of the coating technology also results in increased or similar yields with reduced fertilizer use rates, reduces the amount of nitrogen applications and offers consistent nutrient release.

According to ICL, the eqo.x release technology is the first to offer a controlled release fertilizer (CRF) coating for urea, which biodegrades more rapidly. The new technology will be applied to ICL’s CRF products for agricultural crops, including its Agromaster and Agrocote brands, and will help achieve a reduction in nutrient losses.

“ICL is proud to introduce our most advanced CRF coating, eqo.x rapidly biodegrading release technology, which will both help regulate the release of nutrients on a daily basis — by responding to each crops’ specific needs — and result in higher nutrient use efficiency,” said Elad Aharonson, president of Innovative Ag Solutions for ICL. “Our innovative, sustainable, new technology will provide precision nutrition through a coating, which biodegrades more rapidly, and helps improve yield, reduce nutrient loss and simplify fertilizer application. Not only will this benefit farmers, it will also help the environment, as it will greatly reduce the leaching of nutrients into both the soil and groundwater, when compared to conventional fertilizers.”

ICL expects the new coating to be ready for farmers in the European Union by 2023.

For more information, visit the eqo.x website.

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