The Rapid Machine Operator (RMO) from Rapid Robotics is the first industrial robot that can get up and running in a matter of hours. Now it’s also the first manufacturing robot that can move between jobs in less time than it takes to make a cup of coffee.

According to its developers, the secret is Smart Setup, a new capability that enables anyone to move RMOs onto a new job in as little as 60 seconds via built-in computer vision — no programming or robotics expertise required.

Source: Rapid RoboticsSource: Rapid Robotics

In addition to easy task-switching, Smart Setup puts an end to work stoppages caused by changes or disruptions to the work environment. Other robots need to be reset by trained specialists. With Rapid’s Smart Setup, anyone can get an RMO back in action in minutes.

The Smart Setup process is push-button simple. With one touch in Rapid Robotics’ convenient tablet-based app, the RMO’s cameras analyze the workspace. With another, the RMO calculates distances and orientations of parts and surfaces, then updates motion paths to deliver the fastest and most precise way to execute on the given task. With just one more tap, the RMO starts the new job.

That’s all there is to it. No support tickets. No systems integrators required. Smart Setup handles everything automatically using the RMO’s built-in artificial intelligence, running on its proprietary edge-computing platform.

The RMO is the first robot designed to solve America’s chronic machine operator shortage and help manufacturing businesses regain their competitive advantage. The RMO arrives ready to work ‘out of the box,’ pre-trained to perform hundreds of common machine-tending and warehouse tasks such as pick-and-place, parts inspection, gate cutting and many more.

The RMO comes with all the hardware and software it needs to get started, including a six-axis robotic arm, computer vision system and custom grippers. Everything is pre-integrated so the RMO can get to work the day it arrives. Each RMO can be ‘hired’ for an OpEx-friendly subscription of $2,100 a month.

For more on Smart Setup visit the Rapid Robotics website.

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