Stanford University researchers have renamed their OceanOne diving robot after it reached depths of 1 km during a recent set of trials.

Now aptly dubbed OceanOneK in honor of its 1 km achievement, the diving robot has been used to explore sunken ships, planes and even submarines, giving operators the sensation that they are also interacting with these deep-water destinations.

Source: Stanford UniversitySource: Stanford University

The OceanOneK is comprised of a humanoid top half and a slimmer bottom half that features eight multi-directional thrusters to enable underwater maneuvering. Likewise, the OceanOneK also features a touch-based — or haptic — feedback system and stereoscopic vision that together create the realistic sensations of peering through the robot’s eyes and feeling with its hands.

For more on the OceanOneK, watch the accompanying video that appears courtesy of Stanford University.

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