A new smart charging solution enables electric vehicles (EVs) to be charged with renewable electricity that is matched directly with the vehicle’s real-time electricity consumption.

The technology developed by a collaboration involving the nonprofit Energy Web, Volkswagen Group Innovation and Elli relies on a 24/7 matching algorithm that optimizes charging to maximize the use of clean, locally sourced electricity and provides users with an unprecedented level of control over EV charging. Users can dictate the date and time of charging and the desired level of charge by the end of their session, and select the renewable energy facility as the electric power source.

According to the developers, users can select to charge using wind and solar resources, from energy assetsSource: Energy WebSource: Energy Web within a 10 km radius, and target the percentage and time of final charge with the application. The smart charging app integrates Energy Web’s open-source 24/7 toolkit into Elli’s green charging app, which provides users with access to over 300,000 public charging points across Europe.

Several VW ID4s were successfully charged during three months of tests near Wolfsburg, Germany, using power sourced from local wind and solar farms. The platform optimized the charging schedule for maximum clean electricity usage while ensuring the target state of charge at the end of each session.

Volkswagen Group Innovation is now exploring how the solution can be further developed and rolled out at production scale, ensuring as many EV owners as possible can benefit from the charging application.

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