The manufacturing industry is moving toward adopting environmentally friendly practices due to cost-effectiveness and consumer demand. Mitsubishi Gas Chemical America’s new RP System, which protects sensitive products from moisture and oxygen damage that can occur during shipping and long-term storage, can help companies reach their sustainability goals by mitigating waste, reducing carbon emissions and enhancing efficiency.

The RP System is a unique packaging innovation that protects metals and industrial parts from corroding or other forms of oxygen- or moisture-based degradation. This results in products such as electronic circuit boards, automotive parts, raw metals, agricultural items and numerous other industrial components that can be used months or even years in the future without any degradation in quality or performance.

According to the Harvard Business School, “Examining your supply chain, production process, and energy use at brick-and-mortar stores and office buildings can help identify places where cutting back on finite resources and switching to greener alternatives is a cheaper option.”

Using the RP System gives manufacturers a potential “green” option by enabling fewer large-scale factory runs, which can improve efficiency. This is due to the fact that short production runs are often more energy intensive because equipment needs to be started up more frequently. Fewer runs and the flexibility ofSource: Mitsubishi Gas Chemical AmericaSource: Mitsubishi Gas Chemical America storing parts knowing they will be protected can also reduce overall distribution numbers, cut down on loss due to damage and lead to lower carbon emissions.

The RP System can also help save manufacturers from the financial costs of additional factory labor and the base costs of operating machinery. Manufacturers won’t have to spend time and labor reprocessing delicate items that may have rusted during transport because the RP System can protect them from both oxygen and moisture damage. As a result, products using an RP agent can help mitigate waste during storage and shipping, lessening the impact on landfills and reducing environmental pollution.

According to Sean Hael, sales and marketing general manager at Mitsubishi Gas Chemical America, “RP System is a market-first technology that combines oxygen and moisture protection to allow sensitive electronics and industrial parts to be stored safely for years without fear of product damage or degradation. As a result, RP System can help to reduce product waste and enhance production efficiency.”

The RP System consists of a gas barrier bag and a customized RP agent composed of oxygen and moisture absorbing compounds to maintain product quality. The bag is then hermetically sealed to prevent oxygen and moisture penetration. An indicator can also be added to measure oxygen levels.

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