New technology from StoreDot, a developer of extreme fast charging battery technology for electric vehicles (EVs), will allow battery cells to regenerate while in use through a seamless background repair mechanism.

The self-repairing system includes a suite of software algorithms with corresponding hardware to identify a cell or string of cells that are underperforming or overheating. The targeted components are temporarily disabled in order to proactively recondition them back to 100% performance, without the operator experiencing any driving interruption or loss of EV performance. This advancement of a 'self-healing' approach for EVs will play a major role in prolonging battery life and driving range, as well as improving safety by preventing overheating or any danger of thermal runaway.
Source: StoreDotSource: StoreDot
A recently granted patent, 'Recovering defective branches and/or cells of battery packs by deep discharges,' details how this innovation should be implemented in various EV battery pack scenarios, while the vehicle is either charging, resting or driving.

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The Israel-based company has also been granted patents for technologies that deliver a constant range throughout the life of an EV as the battery deteriorates. It has also made available, through open-source, hardware, and software advancements of a booster technology that allows cells to receive a higher charging current, giving faster charging times even in limited charging infrastructure scenarios.

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