A highly efficient compressor promises to reduce the operating costs and improve the performance of HVAC, refrigeration and fan cooling systems.

The high-energy bi-directional linear electric motor from Malta-based Magtor replaces the rotating crank and piston assembly used in standard reciprocating designs with a simpler linear oscillating design capable of compressing air in both directions as it moves back and forth. Two round magnetic plates are connected in the center through a rod that transmits magnetic forces in both directions. These run through the middle of a large stator, and voltage is applied to the stator that pushes the large double-sided piston in one direction or the other.

With a pump or compression chamber on either end, air pressure is delivered in a design that is smaller and faster than a traditional compressor and consumes less power.

Initial versions of the system reportedly deliver 90% more pressure relative to average air compressor units for the same power consumption. While the assembly could serve as a drop-in replacement for standard compressors, Magtor is targeting its deployment as a pre-built component in consumer and industrial applications.

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