Volvo Construction Equipment (VolvoCE) has created a fully autonomous, battery-electric prototype wheel loader. The concept came from collaboration between Volvo CE and LEGO Technic engineers and designers. The LX03 represents the first LEGO Technic model to become a real machine. Although it is not commercially available, the LX03 will inform new applications into the future.

The Volvo LX03 breaks new ground in smart construction technology, in line with Volvo CE’s efforts to explore machine intelligence and reduce the carbon footprint of the construction industry.

"We need to transform the construction industry with smart and more sustainable solutions that will have an impact on a global scale. The unveiling of the LX03 prototype today represents just that – and is testament to the incredible expertise of our engineers and our united commitment towards positive change. Together with the LEGO Group, we are pushing the boundaries of both technology and imagination and the result is beyond anything the world has seen before," said Melker Jernberg, president of Volvo CE.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the project that began with engineers and designers from both companies evolved with help from a team of children into the launch of the 4201 LEGO Technic Concept Wheel Loader ZEUX. The development of a real machine based on a model makes this a truly unique project, added head of product for LEGO Technic Niels Henrik Horsted.

The prototype LX03, a 5-ton wheel loader developed as a modular concept, can be made larger or smaller with just one or two changes to the manufacturing process. It shares its driveline with the L25 Electric, making it a zero emission, low-noise machine with a runtime of up to eight hours depending on the application.

The LX03 is designed to adapt to different scenarios, make real-time decisions and collaborate with humans, while operating as a safe and smart worker. It can be programmed for dangerous or repetitive tasks, reducing the need for humans on the job site.

More information on this unique concept machine is available here.

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