Tension control (TC) bolts have long been the staples for many fabricators and erectors, but Infasco has recently changed the game by creating a new type of tension control bolt coating.

TC bolts have long been the staples for many fabricators. Source: Adobe Stock/AITTHIPHONGTC bolts have long been the staples for many fabricators. Source: Adobe Stock/AITTHIPHONG

The new coating technology has been verified to provide more than 1,000 hours of corrosion resistance in a thin film coating. This industry is very polarized in that new products like this are either loved or hated, but revolutionary technologies like this particular coating will surely gain traction in the next few years.

Those in the industry already know the advantages of using TC bolts, such as the total costs are dramatically reduced by up to 50% when TC bolts are used in large assemblies. However, the initial bolt costs are considerably higher which tends to push smaller production companies off from investing in them for their projects. Assembly workers who are familiar with TC bolts very much understand that it’s a simple process to use them, but one thing that’s been missing has been a good coating system that provides benefits like long-term corrosion resistance.

Infasco has remedied this issue by developing a system of corrosion resistance in a thin film coating that will protect TC bolts for many hours and without any hydrogen embrittlement concerns as well. The coating can be applied to mechanical galvanized TC bolts, such as A325, however, it’s not permitted for A490. These new Infasco INF3013 TC bolts are half the coating thickness of mechanical galvanized and have double the corrosion resistance, yet they still fit the sockets of a typical shear wrench.

This coating system provides superior long-term corrosion resistance and excellent short-term protection capabilities, which will solve corrosion problems for a large number of manufacturers across the world.