The ETP-HYLOC shaft locking bushing from Zero-Max is a hydro-mechanical design featuring hydraulic quick connectors for mounting. This new design feature makes it faster and easier to install the ETP-HYLOC as compared to purely mechanical designs that have many fasteners requiring a high tightening torque, often being mounted in a confined working space. The device has radial and axial ports for use in mounting, giving it versatility for mounting in tight spaces.

The bushing provides a robust hub-shaft connection in the most challenging operating environments while providing high torque and high radial load capacity, as well as excellent concentricity. With its new plug Source: Zero-MaxSource: Zero-Maxand play feature, ETP-HYLOC allows for fast changeout of the mounted component or quick repositioning either rotationally or linearly along the shaft, all while maintaining precise concentricity of the mounted component.

Available for shaft diameters from 50 mm to 220 mm, the ETP-HYLOC is designed with an internal double-walled steel sleeve having a straight cylindrical diameter at the inside and outside diameters, which encloses an internal piston. When pressurized using a hydraulic pump, the ETP-HYLOC’s tapered piston is moved, expanding the inner and outer sleeves uniformly against the shaft and hub to form a continuous and rigid connection to the shaft.

ETP-HYLOC is ideal for heavy duty applications including steel bar peeling machines, tube straighteners, pavement grinding/grooving equipment, and other applications requiring high torque, high radial load capacity and a high level of concentricity.

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