NBK added new models of auto-positioning units: EPU-series and it is controlled with EtherNet/IP™ and Modbus® RTU, not only CC-LinkTM.

(CC-Link is Mitsubishi Electric Corporation’s, EtherNet/IP™ is ODVA’s, Modbus® is Modicon, Inc.’s registered trademark.)

EPUs are wired/wireless auto-positioning units that replace manual operations such as handles.

Some features of the EPU are as follows.

  • Enables automation by just replacing your currently used handles
  • One transceiver can control up to 32 units simultaneously
  • PLC/PC compatible, and now EtherNet/IP™, Modbus RTU® are available
  • Registerable positioning patterns up to 1,000. Suitable for applications that require multiple positions

(PC: 1000 patterns, PLC: 100 patterns, EPU210 manual operation: 11 patterns)

  • Reduce the risk of setup errors by registering the positioning patterns with exclusive software
  • IP65 compatible, dust/water-proof. Suitable for food/beverage-related equipment
  • Setup is possible via button operation on the main body without any controllers (only for EPU-210)

Due to these functions, EPU has the potential of automation for food-packaging, drink bottles, printing/bookbinding, civil engineering, construction applications and more.