Enhancing the efficiency of your lead screw-driven application starts with optimizing the lead screw’s thread profile for better transfer of power. That’s why igus® has designed a flatter thread angle for its dryspin® high helix lead screws, which increases the efficiency rating by 8% compared to standard trapezoidal 10x3 lead screws.

How does a flatter thread angle make a lead screw more efficient? Think about it this way: It’s easier to push an object (or transfer power) over a flatter hill than it is to push an object over a steeper hill.

igus recently added several new thread profiles to its catalog. We’ve taken industry standard thread profiles, such as trapezoidal 10x3, and converted them into dryspin to increase base efficiency from 27–35%.

In addition to proprietary thread profiles, igus offers dry-running, self-lubricating plastic nuts that eliminate the need for external lubricants and lead screw coatings. You can also use our free lead screw configurator tool to design a custom lead screw in 20 minutes or less. If you’re looking for a functional prototype, we can 3D print lead screw nuts and spindles at our North American headquarters in East Providence, Rhode Island. We use our SLS printers and engineered plastic materials to create low-friction, durable parts that are three times more wear-resistant than standard printed parts.

To learn more about drysin and available production methods, visit this webpage or contact igus here.