Ensuring optimal performance of machines and tools is critical to reduce downtime and increase production. Vortec Cold Air Guns offer a versatile spot cooling solution to aid in a variety of cooling applications.

Vortec Cold Air Guns use filtered compressed air and vortex tube technology to produce sub-zero air. With no moving parts to wear out, the internal vortex tube converts compressed air into a cold air stream, producing temperatures down to -30° F (-34° C). With adjustable temperature and flow rate settings, users can customize the output to their specific application needs. By utilizing air-cooling technology, the Cold Air Gun eliminates the mess and expense of liquid coolant and helps avoid secondary parts cleaning after machining.

Cold Air Guns are most often used for cooling of metal parts, in the machining and repair of metals, plastics, wood, ceramics and other materials. Cold air machining outperforms mist coolants and substantially increases tool life and feed rates on dry machining operations. The effective cooling from a Cold Air Gun can eliminate heat-related parts growth while improving parts tolerance and surface finish quality.

To fit the need of a variety of applications, the Vortec Cold Air Gun is also available in a Frost Free version. The Frost Free Cold Air Gun eliminates the mess associated with condensation and frost arising from continuous use of the Cold Air Gun. A must-have for sensitive applications such as fabrics, wood, cardboard and paper in addition to standard metalworking applications.

For a more comprehensive solution, the Cold Air Gun can be purchased as a system that includes a magnetic base and a 5 micron auto-drain compressed air filter.