Stock Drive Products/Sterling Instrument (SDP/SI) is launching a series of integrated motors to simplify motion system design in robotics and industrial automation applications.

Replacing multiple components with a compact all-in-one motor and electronics package, integrated motors simplify motion system design while providing many advantages. SDP/SI recognizes that developing speed, position and torque closed-loop control with separate brushless motor and Source: SDP/SISource: SDP/SIdriver/controller technologies can be challenging. Integrated motor controllers provide easier set-up, and by keeping the wiring from the motor to the driver short, these systems offer an ideal solution for reducing the communication time for the signals from the drivers to the motors.

SDP/SI products are available with a wide range of standard features for easy integration intended for industrial automation applications. The integrated motor controllers include state-of-the-art brushless servo motors with 4096 lines encoder and CANOpen network protocols in an intelligent plug-and-play package. The high-performance 60 mm NR5-LD60M series incorporates motor, encoder and drive with smooth and quiet sinusoidal commutation with field oriented control (vector control) into a compact unit. The NEMA 23 NH5-DM series is an economical turn-key solution to speed and torque analog motion control. With the elimination of multiple components, connectors, cabling and labor a significant cost savings is realized.

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