The MAXXDRIVE portfolio from NORD Drivesystems offers parallel and right-angle industrial gear units with high output torques from 132,800 lb-in to 2,301,200 lb-in, ratios from 5.54 to 30,000:1, and 2.5 hp to 8,075 hp across 11 sizes. In addition to this proven standard series, NORD also offers the new MAXXDRIVE XT series; right-angle gear units with thermally optimized housings, output torques from 132,800 lb-in to 663,800 lb-in, ratios from 6.14 to 22,91:1, and 30 hp to 2,825 hp across seven sizes. With a comprehensive selection of accessories and options, MAXXDRIVE’s modular system allows NORD to perfectly match drive systems to heavy-duty applications such as conveyors, mixers, agitators or anywhere low speed with high power is needed.

MAXXDRIVE and MAXXDRIVE XT are designed and rated to international standards. Their UNICASE housings optimize the strength-to-weight ratio, reduce leak paths, have higher stiffness and allow for multiple mounting surfaces. The one-piece housing also ensures that no sealing surfaces are subject to Source: NORD DrivesystemsSource: NORD Drivesystemstorque. MAXXDRIVE units are constructed with high-grade components including case-hardened and hard-finished gearing, C4, 42 CrMo4, or 18 CrNiMo7-6 steels, and an exclusive roller bearing system for quiet operation and longer service life. They also have high-precision axis alignment, resulting in smoother operation and reduced maintenance over time. Additionally, all bearing and sealing surfaces are machined in a single process, further promoting low noise and longevity.

Because MAXXDRIVE gear units are engineered based on a modular concept, they allow for a wide range of configuration and mounting options from NORD’s standard offering yet can be easily adapted for custom drive applications. For example, the combination of a NORD motor, gear unit, coupling and braking system results in a complete, precisely configured unit that can be supplied ready-to-install and pre-mounted on a motor swing base or other base frame. Alternatively, a motor can be attached via industry standard NEMA or IEC adapters. Various flange and output shaft options ensure the customer's application is ideally matched and configurations are always based on the existing operating data of the application and on the ambient conditions at the installation site, giving customers maximum individualization, and creating reliable, versatile drive systems that meet their highest demands.

One of the most common applications for MAXXDRIVE is for heavy-duty belt conveyor drives consisting of an electric motor, a coupling solution and an industrial gear unit with axial fan. The primary focus is to dissipate heat quickly and efficiently, allowing worry-free operation even in extreme environments. The standard portfolio excels in this area; however, the new MAXXDRIVE XT industrial gear units take this concept even further with their thermally optimized housings.

Other typical applications for these powerful drive units include mixing and agitation processes. By equipping the torque-dense MAXXDRIVE industrial gear unit with reinforced bearing and flange versions (VL2/KL2 - VL6/KL6), the drive can be adjusted to maximize efficiency with varying load size. Seal-less NEMA/IEC adapters (SAFOMI) and TRUE DRYWELL sealing at the output shaft allow for highest possible operational reliability. The entire drive system — from NORD electric motors to flange connections — is delivered as a ready-to-install unit, which can easily be mounted vertically on the application.

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