Smith Systems, Inc. Automotive and Racing

Our products include:

  • Hall effect speed sensors
  • Speed sensors with multiple channels
  • Variable reluctance
  • High temperature variable reluctance speed sensors

Hall effect speed sensor technology carried over from aerospace sensors enables these products to survive the racing environment’s hostile conditions. Smith Systems, Inc. speed sensors are running in NHRA®, Champ®, Indy® and F1® cars.

High reliability, durability and peak performance are designed in and built into every speed sensor. Every device is pre-qualified by cycling through a rigorous test program.

We offer single and dual output, biased and un-biased, variable reluctance and Hall effect technology speed sensors. Both the passive and active probes can be used for crank triggers, vehicle transmission speed sensors, turbocharger speed sensors, distributor pick-ups and general speed inputs to data acquisition/engine management systems. We also manufacture high reliability probes for MSD® and Electromotive® ignition systems.

Our temperature sensors incorporate a variety of sensing methods including thermistors, RTD’s, thermo-fuses and thermostats. Typical applications include air, oil, water and bearing temperature monitoring.

Contact us for information. Work directly with our engineering staff for custom solutions to specific applications for speed sensors!