The lights don’t have to go off during maintenance events. The lights don’t have to stay off very long after emergencies and natural disasters. We are Improving SAIFI, SAIDI and CAIDI for T&D companies across the United States and beyond. We believe our power generation, transmission and distribution expertise is second to none. Whether you’re bringing a new substation online, need temporary power and distribution during planned or unplanned outages or have an emergency power outage, Aggreko has a trusted track record of keeping the lights on for your customers.

We act seamlessly as the grid power during these maintenance and repair events on substations or on other aging infrastructure such as power lines. Aggreko keeps the power on, so your lights don’t go off. We understand the places where there might be a need for backup or temporary systems during planned outages.

When power demand exceeds supply, we step in and act as a peaker plant providing grid capacity support for T&D companies across the nation and all over the world. Our mobile power systems can be positioned strategically ahead of major tourist events in geographic locations that have overloaded power grids. This proactive mobilization helps you avoid blackouts and brownouts caused by limited grid power capacity.

For emergencies caused by weather, equipment breakdown or natural disasters. For power generation companies working with Nuclear energy, fossil fuels and renewables, to distributed energy and storage, to transmission and distribution, Aggreko has custom temporary power solutions for you.

We live in an instant world where everything is at our fingertips. Helping to make things better, our lives easier and having power when we need it most is no exception. Even more important when you’re supplying the power that we all rely on.

We minimize outages and downtime, and we create a safe working environment. Your customers are everywhere, and they rely on you. That’s why you can rely on us to keep you generating and delivering power regardless of planned or unplanned events.