ABTech, Inc. is an ultra-precision air-bearing manufacturer of motion systems, air-bearing spindles, rotary tables and linear slides. Accuracies < 0.000010 in (0.25 μm) with nearly absolute repeatability and no contacting parts to wear over time, therefore delivering years of reliable and maintenance-free operation. Our systems are designed, engineered and manufactured entirely in-house, giving our customers flexibility at every stage from concept through delivery.

If your business depends on air-bearing sub-micron accuracies, real-time measurements and ease-of-use, ABTech is the right choice.

ABTech, Inc. is global. We are vertically integrated and develop ultra-precision products for diverse groups of applications that work in government, R&D, science and private industries. Our products are used in demanding applications/markets such as nanotechnologies, medical, photonics, optics, aerospace, near-earth atmosphere, automotive, semiconductor, lasers and life sciences.

For more information, check us out at abtechmfg.com/videos.