When a company develops a unique product, it needs equally innovative measurement systems to monitor consistency and verify the quality. Faced with the need to meet tight specifications for its ultra-thin, high-performance thin films, this customer turned to ABTech's expertise in custom-engineered metrology and precision motion systems.

This organization has developed optical lenses composed of film layers 10,000 times thinner than a human hair. These nano-layered, gradient, refractive index (GRIN) lenses are significantly lighter than any other, enable more complex performance parameters, and are custom-tailored for military, medical and commercial applications. They needed a system to precisely measure the refractive index of each film, ensure the films met customer specifications, and then load them robotically into sorting bins.

ABTech designed, engineered and built the system shown in this video using proprietary precision motion and measurement systems and off-the-shelf components — such as the robot — that were used in new ways. One of the project team’s challenges was to identify and bring together all of the pieces, evaluate and test them for this custom purpose and learn the new technologies involved, at the same time ensuring that the completed system would be accurate and fast enough to meet the customer's needs.

ABTech's air-bearing technology provides accuracies of 0.000001 inches (0.025 microns) with near absolute repeatability and no contacting parts to wear over time, therefore delivering years of reliable and maintenance-free operation.

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