You can say that's a lot of weight! Ever wonder what a precision heavy-duty air-bearing rotary table looks like with 5,000 lbs sitting on top? Look closely and you will see! Check out this in-house testing at ABTech before shipping.

These tables are a perfect solution for LARGE part applications! The HDRT series axial load capacity is designed for 3,000 to 5,000+ lbs! The table shown in the photo is a 22-inch diameter worktable; radial and axial <10.0 microinch (0.0250 µm) tilt <0.206 arcsec or 1.0 microinch/inch (0.025 µm/25mm). Higher load capacity is available upon request. When you think heavy, think of ABTech as your partner.

ABTech Inc. provides ultra-precision air-bearing motion systems, air-bearing spindles, rotary tables, and linear slides with accuracies of <0.000010 inches [.25 microns] and near-absolute repeatability. And since there are no contacting parts to wear over time, these systems offer years of reliable and maintenance-free operation.

To speed up part setup and increase productivity, the AT model tables come standard with our industry-best adjustable tilt and center (tip/tilt) work tables. The tilt and center are optionally available on the HDRT models. Metrology is no longer relegated to the quality control lab. To maximize productivity, we know many applications require integrating measurement devices within the production and assembly processes. This means being exposed to harsher environments, ABTech uses hardened 440C stainless steel components — so you’ll experience many years of service and investment longevity.

No matter how broad our product options are, we realize they don’t address every possible application, which is why our precision motion experts will work closely with you to configure any rotary motion solution that will meet your exact needs. So if your business depends on air-bearing submicron accuracies, real-time measurements and ease of use, ABTech is the right choice.

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