Spirolox Retaining Rings require no custom tools for installation and removal. Smalley Retaining Rings are supplied standard with removal notches to enable easy extraction from a groove.

Manual Spirolox Retaining Ring installation on an individual or low production basis is accomplished as follows:

  1. Separate coils and insert the end of the retaining ring into the groove
  2. Wind retaining ring into the groove
  3. Inspect for proper seating on the groove

For removal, the notch is provided to form a small gap between the ring end and the shaft or housing, permitting a blunt object to be inserted at the end of the ring to pry the free end out radially and up.

Smalley offers over 6,000 standard retaining rings, which are readily available in both carbon and stainless steel. If you require custom designs, take advantage of Smalley's No-Tooling-Cost process; a process perfect for large runs, prototypes, and midstream design changes.

Spirolox Retaining Rings benefits include:

  • No gap — 360° retaining surface
  • No protruding ears to interfere with mating components (uniform cross-section)
  • Economically produced in stainless steel because the coiling process produces no scrap
  • No-tooling-charges on custom designs
  • Easy to assemble and remove
  • No gap or lugs provide for a functional and aesthetically pleasing ring
  • Can operate in an internal and external groove at the same time
  • Free samples to test in your application