Rotational capacity requirements for modern applications are higher than ever, especially in electric motors, gearboxes and automotive transmissions.

As the market leader for innovative retaining ring solutions, Smalley has been continually investing in ongoing research and development to meet the demand for high RPM requirements.

Smalley's latest retaining ring innovation, the revolutionary Revolox Self-Locking Ring, features a 'dimple and slot' design that safely and efficiently secures your application at high speeds.

Why use a Revolox?

  • Superior and secure RPM performance
    • Tested and optimized for high RPM performance
  • Ease of installation
    • Sturdy design not easily damaged during installation
  • Lightweight
    • Lower rotating mass, lower cost for increased efficiency
  • Automated installation capabilities
    • Ideal for high production volumes
  • Inherently better balance than traditional snap rings
    • Decreased vibration

Start designing revolutionizing today!