New additions to the DCX System from Belden Inc. are designed to optimize return on investment on fiber infrastructure management by saving space in data centers and providing support for 4K applications.

Solutions engineered to support different cable infrastructure design and assembly methods include DCX zero U trays, available in small (one-cassette) and large (two-cassette) sizes and equipped with magnets to attach to Source: Belden Inc.Source: Belden Inc.any metal surface, saving valuable cabinet real estate. DCX splice cassettes are available in 12-port (24f) LC duplex configurations and six-port SC duplex configurations with FS-type (empty) for use with splice-on connectors, FP-type with integrated 250 µm pigtails and FM-type with ribbon pigtails for mass fusion splicing. DCX pre-terminated cassettes are also available in MPO-SC duplex configurations with six-port (12f) and four-port (8f) for OM3, OM4 and OS2/UPC and OS2/APC applications.

Installation time is reduced with FiberExpress hybrid copper-fiber cables, including new additions to the product line: indoor/outdoor 2 mm breakout riser and riser AIA cables, and indoor and indoor/outdoor 2 mm breakout plenum cables. Only one cable is needed to safely transmit data and power across long distances for applications such as passive optical networks and distributed antenna systems. These cables are ideal for remote locations where standard power is unavailable or too costly and power over Ethernet is unable to reach.

Maximizing 4K signal transmission distance over a single coax, minimizing weight and space utilization compared to multi-link solutions, the new 4K UHD coax cable for 12G-SDI (4749P) is a plenum-rated cable with low smoke/flame characteristics. The cable is rated for use in all air-handling spaces.

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